Love how candles make your whole house smell wonderful but hate the toxic wic you have to use? Try an amazing uniquartz wax warmer. It will let you enjoy the unique smells of uniquartz candles, worryfree.

The off white, ceramic wax warmer can hold upto 3 wax melts at a time. Use the same scents or mix and match to make your own creations. The fun, flirty, rosegold unicorn is so adorable that all your friends will wonder where you got it. So display it loud, display it proud and stop worrying about smells you might be trying to hide.


Each warmer comes with a tealight candle and is $15.

Each pack of wax melts are $7.

Buy both in a set and pay only $20.

Buy two wax melts for $12 for a $2 dollar savings.

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Insured + $4.50



Ships in 4-12 business days. 

Uniquartz Warmers and wax melts SALE $7 $12 $15 $20

$9.00 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
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