Sexual Chocolate
Sometimes, you just need to get your grown woman on! If you don't know what I'm talking about, this necklace is not for you. Rhodonite works like an aphrodisiac and causes sexual stimulation. It is very powerful! Whether you have no sex drive or you want to spice things up, this necklace is for you, girl. Wearing this necklace makes you feel warm and tingly inside. It helps you feel relaxed and eliminates overthinking. Time to call that babysitter honey! Sit back, stand up, lock your door and enjoy the ride. The only thing you'll  be wearing is this amazing necklace. Time to unleash that tiger, and let your fires intertwine.


Sterling silver clasp on thick silk string <3 Black accent pieces may vary. Due to stone and clasp size, langth may be adjusted for a true fit. 

Sexual Chocolate ( libido booster )

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