Repair fees. This listing is for anyone who has had a broken necklace or bracelet that needs repair. If you need a replacement on sterling silver wire please click that option. If you need a replacement on silk please click that option. If you have missing stones and or crystals please message me for a custom listing. 



Repairs MUST be sent and PAID for BEFORE work will be done. Buyer has 30 days to send repaired item or they WILL forfeit ( lose) repair funds and repairs. I can't hold onto item for unreasonable amounts of time, 30 days max. Also, I have no way of tracking if the item was repaired and rebroken and sent in again, meaning someone trys to get a seconed and free repair. If item is sent BEFORE payment, there will be a $0.50 holding fee perday, after 30 days due to items being repaired at a seconed party address and for the inconvenience of housing un-paid for repair items. 


Nesting Stones(®)  only work with USPS as they do direct pickup from the business door or mail box.

UPS, FEDEX and other shipping companies are 20-45 min away. Nesting Stones(®) can not offer a driving service, sorry, no exceptions.




Note to any and all buyers

 All custom orders are non-refundable.

Disclaimer, buyer is responsible for the use and safety of the individual wearing the custom necklace and any content sent( Packaging, business cards, anything deemed a potential hazard). The seller is not responsible for purposeful or accidental harm from any items or content sent.

If the  item breaks for any reason within the first 30 days, seller will repair the item with free labor, only. ( on original paid for item) 

If any stones are missing the buyer will have to pay for those replacement stones/clasps, or seller will repair with given incomplete materials.


However, if for any reason the buyer slanders the seller, or exchanges disrespect  in any way, the buyer is not obligated to do any free labor. If you are kind to me, I will return the kindness. I love what I do, but I expect to be treated with kindness even in error.


Buyer is also responsible for shipping, correct address at the time of payment and insurance is up to the buyer(also at the time of payment). Buyer is responsible for the item if it is lost or stolen or misplaced by any shipping services or unknown individuals or natural disasters . To avoid such issues, it is suggested but not required that the buyer purchases any additional insurance. ***Do not put any returns in a paper envelopes*** as your item will fall out.


To care for your item properly, keep it dry and charge in the sunlight/moonlight. Do not cause any trauma or force to the necklace or stones. String/wire and stones/crystals are not invincible and could/do break. Take care of your item, please. Seller will send photos of completed item to be approved by buyer to ensure it is what the buyer wanted. If the buyer changes their mind and wants to add on or alter anything, there is a $10 labor fee plus additional upgrade costs. Buyer will not send upgraded item until payment is made in full.  There are no refunds or returns. When making this payment, you agree to the terms and conditions.  Shipping is $5. If you want Shipping insurance, send an extra $4.50.  Sorry this agreement sounds harsh, I just have to protect myself and my passion for helping others through natural health and healing products. Blessings and enjoy! 

Repairs on Nesting Stones Items.

SKU: 217537123517253
Material String or Wire
  • Repairs are not insured. Please, treat your items with care. 


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