Celestite: Has  a high vibration, is calming and uplifting. Inspires deep relaxation by restoring your natural state of joy. Celestite comes from the Latin word Caelum. This word means heaven or sky(constellation) . How appropriate for this Pocahontas necklace! Not only will you feel at peace as if you are painting with all the colors of the wind, you will also look radiant!


This Crystal has a hardness of 3 meaning it is a bit fragile. This stone brings harmony and calmness throughout the whole body. To charge this particular crystal, a self charging crystal is ideal. Sunlight can actually dull the color of this crystal and why it has been enhanced.


Center pendant seashell. 


If you do NOT want the heart clasp, message me for the barrel clasp. If you need a sterlingsilver clasp, the up charge is $12.

Pocahontas and The Colors of The Wind ( Custom )

Length and insurance
  • If this item is lost, damaged or stolen in shipment, contact USPS. I DO NOT file or collect claims. If you  do not have insurnce, you will not be compansated


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