Praying mantises are a wonderful asset to any garden. They are non invasive and do not harm our ecosystem. They eat pests like TICKS, Junebugs, mosquitoes, fruit flies,cockroaches and more. They eat over 500 pests Including deadly killer hornets.

We often bring them into our home if we have a swarm of unwanted  fruit flies and I have a few in my greenhouse.

Mantises can be handled. Ideally these eggs would be for release. If you would like to start your own mantis farm, message me after purchase for more questions.


Care instructions will be in your package or email.


Each egg contains about 500 mantis more or less. Each quantity order comes with 1 or 2 eggs. Ordering 2 quantities will be 3 to 4 eggs. 

Please understand that I and my children personally hunt for these eggs. Please allow 12 to 18 days for shipment. In some cases, shipments may take place within 24 hour. I have at least 14 eggs atm.5/8/2020. Currently, we have Carolina and Chinese mantises. You will get one or the other or a mix of the 2 <3 

Killer Hornet Eaters. Praying mantis Eggs.


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