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Large amethyst handhelds $10.

Mini pyrite handheld $5

Large pyrite handheld $20.

Rose quartz crystals $10.

Amethyst clusters $15 each


Many years ago, I was a single mother and went without many things. There were times when my water was shut off and we had little food. I was scared and desperate. I would have almost done anything to make sure my child was safe and fed. No one should have to be put in that situation. Unfortunately, some people make a little too much money to be on assistance and not enough to feed their families. So, let's bridge the gap!


When we look back on our lives as elderly individuals, there is one thing we will never regret. Helping others! Please, make a donation to receive a free Crystal and the proceeds will go to families in need for nutritious healthy groceries.


As a courtesy to those who are in need, I do not give out their personal information. If you are skeptical of where this money is going then, feel free to give to those in need on your own. We can always help someone!

Feed Families! DONATION with free gift + Shipping

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