EMF blockers! Pyrite is a lodestone mineral  so, it will not damage your phone. (avoid magnets as they will destroy your devices)
The earrings are on a stamped sterling silver hook with rainbow fluorite
The non damaging phone adhesive popsocket has both fluorite and pyrite on it. Both stones decrease the electromagnetic pollution from your phone and overall, in our environment.
Fluorite is key for assisting to stabilize hormonal changes such as PMS, PCOS and menopause. Also ideal for PTSD and other extreme emotions and decrease electromagnetic pollution, perfect to keep on during phone calls and daily life as it protects your body! (I do have an awesome necklace called fearless, fluorite and amethyst)
Pyrite; enhances the intellectual fatigue that is the result of EMF damage and environment pollution draws in the healthy energy and creates a defense shield that protects against pollutants(EMF's). The creator knew what he was doing when he made us, and all the things he gave us to use on the earth.   


Round popsockets do not spin <3 


What are EMF's, and why should I worry?
Electromagnetic radiation, also known as EMF emissions. God has created EVERYTHING with its own electromagnetic field. In addition to that, everything man-made has an electromagnetic field. Our own bodies emit frequencies that are truly the life of our cells and how the world "works"!
EMF's send out the frequencies in the earth's electromagnetic field. Just like there are good germs for hands and bad germs for hands, there are also good/safe EMF and bad/harmful EMF for our bodies.
Disease tissues and health issue are a direct result of weak and altered frequencies. That is not good, and should be avoided <3 God's design was for our frequencies to produce healthy tissues and live disease-free. That is why there are certain foods that are good for us and there are other foods that are mistaken as food when in fact they're just consumables/edibles. Not everything was designed to eat. You can eat Styrofoam because it is a consumable, that  does not mean it is food. Just because something emits EMF frequencies does not mean your body should absorb it. In fact, that is one of the many reasons our world has as many physical and mental health problems we have today.
I think it is very evident that our world is in trouble. Between toxic vaccinations, damaging and over-prescribed prescriptions , the lack of a moral compass, the denial of the creator, and overall corruption, we need to go back to the basics, CRYSTALS! God made them for our BENIFIT.
Firstly, I acknowledge that our Earth was created with everything that we need to sustain it self. Unfortunately, when things are used outside of its God given design,  we run into trouble. Instead of going on a long vent on all of those many facets, I will stick with one topic. Crystal power!
I know many people believe crystals are somehow only used for "evil" (even though they were created by God) Just take a walk throughout the whole Bible, from Genesis Exodus all the way to Revelation there are many references about stones and crystals; at least 90 Bible verses in fact. In Revelations it talks about 12 Crystal pillars in the New heaven. We may not know the purpose of those crystals in the new heaven, but it's more than just something beautiful to look at. God designs things on purpose and that purpose is to be use!

Annoying disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice. Crystals should be used in addition to any holistic health practices and not in replacement of your medical blah blah blah (fill in the blank) treatments that the FDA approves. Please check with your doctor first so he or she can tell you how they don't believe in crystals as it will put them out of business. 


Note to any and all buyers <3 All custom orders are non-refundable. Disclaimer, buyer is responsible for the use and safety of the individual wearing the custom necklace and any content sent( Packaging, business cards, anything deemed a potential hazard). The seller is not responsible for purposeful or accidental harm from any items or content sent. If the  item breaks for any reason within the first 30 days, seller will repair the item with free labor, only.  If any stones are missing the buyer will have to pay for those replacement stones/clasps, or seller will repair with given incomplete materials. However, if for any reason the buyer slanders the seller, or exchanges disrespect  in any way, the buyer is not obligated to do any free labor. If you are kind to me, I will return the kindness. I love what I do, but I expect to be treated with kindness even in error. Buyer is also responsible for shipping, correct address at the time of payment and insurance is up to the buyer(also at the time of payment). Buyer is responsible for the item if it is lost or stolen or misplaced by any shipping services or unknown individuals or natural disasters . To avoid such issues, it is suggested but not required that the buyer purchases any additional insurance. To care for your item properly, keep it dry and charge in the sunlight/moonlight. Do not cause any trauma or force to the necklace or stones. String/wire and stones/crystals are not invincible and could/do break. Take care of your item, please. Seller will send photos of completed item to be approved by buyer to ensure it is what the buyer wanted. If the buyer changes their mind and wants to add on or alter anything, there is a $10 labor fee plus additional upgrade costs. Buyer will not send upgraded item until payment is made in full.  There are no refunds or returns. When making this payment, you agree to the terms and conditions.  Shipping is $5. If you want insurance, request to send an extra $4.50.  Sorry this agreement sounds harsh, I just have to protect myself and my passion for helping others through natural health and healing products. Blessings and enjoy! 

Crystal EMF blocking Popsocket BEST SELLER


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