5G Slayer


Unfortunately, we live in a time where we do not have consent of what happens to our bodies, but we must fight this tyranical agenda. However, we can empower ourselves by protecting ourselves as our God given a right. Let's take charge of our health and mental well being.

Protect your children and yourself, always!


5G Slayer was made to create a natural and effective force field, against 5G damage. The shungite is the main 5G slaying agent. Shungite is powerful and blocks the radiation from penetrating the body/skin, in a salve form and blocks damage to our precious cells, that would cause us to become sick. In addition, this salve boosts our immune system, as well as strengthens our weakness organ. Will moisturizer skin.


For best results, rub from the top to the bottom of the spine and over the chest and lungs. If you already have a protective necklace, you can rub on the spine only, when you are wearing your 5G blocking necklace.


This salve can also be used as a holy anointing oil, due to its resin and herbal properties.


For extra protection, you can rub on your entire body. Avoid rubbing on open wounds as it may sting. Do not eat or rub on or around the eyes.


Ingredients include, Israeli frankincense powder, Hyssop essential oil, wild orange essential oil, grapeseed oil, vegan wax, and finly crushed shungite. 2oz


For external use only. Keep away from children. Keep out of the eyes mouth bodily openings and cuts.


These statements have not been approved by the corrupt FDA. Legally I have to state that these items do not cure or treat...Please, use common sense. Do a skin sample test to ensure there are no allergies. I cannot legally give an age requirement. However, I will say, I use this on my family and children of all ages.



5G Slayer Salve ( EMF ELF Blocker)

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